Premiership management needs assistance

Premiership team needs additional assistance.

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propel us up the league

Positions within the club are needing to be filled, purely to give the players the best opportunity to challenge in the league and hopefully propel us up the league this and hopefully next season. Can you fill a slot

Performance analysis.

We are after someone to video and analyse the game for us at Port darwin fc.

Taking down the info on the players gives the gaffer the vital information he needs to assist in team selection aswell as data for the next training session.

Posn is voluntary, therefore no reward is given.

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Goalkeeper Coach

We are also looking to recruit a Goalkeeping coach.

This will again assist with the development of the clubs Goalkeepers during training on Tuesdays.

As part of the coaching team you would also need to be available on matchdays to assist with doing the goalkeeper warm ups and fitness.

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Kit manager

PDFC are wanting the assistance of someone who has a little time on their hands but still wants to contribute to the rise of the club’s Premiership squad.

We are looking for a kit manager.

Roles –

** Wash the team strip post game making sure it is laundered appropriately as manufacturers guides.

** attend all premiership games making sure all the clothing is laid out as per Head coach direction.

** Report any damage/ loss of playing kit to the team management at the earliest opportunity.


If interested in being part of a great club and contributing to the success of Port Darwin, then please get in touch with the club.